Australia’s Oyster Coast is an innovative Australian company, an internationally recognised brand and an emerging tourist destination. Our heart and soul is in oyster industry, with our shareholders including over 45 of Australia’s leading oyster growers who operate across eight estuaries south of Sydney on the unspoilt New South Wales coast.

Australia’s Oyster Coast is unique as it produces three varieties of premium oysters, including the Sydney Rock Oyster, the rare Angasi ‘flat oyster’ and the popular Pacific Oyster. These oysters are grown under rigorous environmental management systems in some of the world’s cleanest waters by passionate growers with generations of experience.

Our Australia’s Oyster Coast Trail extends for over 300 kilometres along some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline. The Trail allows visitors to taste the distinctive and exceptional flavours of our world-class oysters, learn about oyster cultivation from our growers, and experience the natural beauty of Australia’s Oyster Coast first-hand.