Explore Australia’s Oyster Coast Trail

Australia’s Oyster Coast celebrates exceptional oysters produced across eight of the most environmentally aware estuaries in the world.

Boasting three species of premium oyster from estuaries stretching across 300 kilometres along the New South Wales South Coast, Australia’s Oyster Coast offers a year-round bounty of freshly-harvested produce.

Explore Australia’s Oyster Coast Trail and taste the romance.  Along the way, savour our oysters, meet our artisan growers and enjoy our spectacular, unspoilt coastline.

The Trail also showcases the many delights on offer from our high-quality restaurant, tourism and accommodation partners.

Australia’s Oyster Coast farmers are committed to best-practice environmental and quality assurance standards.  Every one of our estuaries is operates under a stringent Environmental Management System.

Taste-test our estuaries – and their oysters.

Each of Australia’s Oyster Coast eight estuaries is a unique marine ecosystem that produces oysters with their own signature taste and appeal.

Just as wine regions have a ‘terroir’ depending on their climate and soils, oysters have their own distinctive ‘merroir’ reflecting the essence of the waters in which they live and feed.

From the mighty Shoalhaven in the north to remote Wonbyn in the south, each estuary seasons its oysters with a unique favour.

Taste also varies according to species, seasons and rainfall events.

Australia’s Oyster Coast is home to three species of premium oysters, each with its own texture and palate.

The Sydney Rock Oyster

Australia’s prestige native oyster, sought by high-end restaurants the world over for its uniqueness and incredible taste. Found only along the south-eastern Australian coastline, the Rock Oyster is distinguished by its creamy, firm texture. It is one of the cleanest oysters in the world and the saltiness is slight, leaving a fresh, mellow aftertaste on the palate that is unique.

The Angasi Oyster

The rare flat native oyster of Australia – farmed exclusively for hand-picked outlets across Australia and Asia.  Full of flavour and texture, the Angasi Oyster is very rich and meaty. Difficult to come by due to its scarcity, the Angasi is truly special. In best condition, they are plump, full bodied and have a stronger flavour than other species.

The Pacific Oyster

The Pacific Oyster was introduced into Australia from Japan. Grown under carefully managed environmental conditions to five different export sizes, the Pacific Oyster is the most prolifically grown oyster in Australia. It is characterised by its fresh, clean and salty flavour. Plump in size, the Pacific Oyster leaves a clean, fresh aftertaste.


With three different oyster species and eight estuaries across 300 kilometres, Australia’s Oyster Coast produces premium oysters all year round. Seasonally, Sydney Rock oysters are usually at their peak during the warmer months; Pacific oysters can be enjoyed throughout the year; and Angasi oysters are at their best in winter.