Clyde River

Rising in rugged mountain ranges south of Sydney, the Clyde river system flows south through national parks and state forests into the Clyde Valley. The river then widens into a broad estuary before reaching the Pacific Ocean at the bustling coastal town of Batemans Bay. The Clyde waterway contains many significant wetland and seagrass areas and is recognised as a river of ‘High Conservation Value’.

Fed by pure and nutrient-rich waters from its protected upper catchment, the fast-flowing Clyde River has long been famous for its premium oysters. Australia’s Oyster Coast farmers in the Clyde have switched to the more sustainable basket-farming system, which means better and more consistent oysters.

Both Pacific and Sydney Rock oysters from the Clyde River – salty and sweet – are making their mark in high-end restaurants around Australia and are sought after in Asia.  These distinctive river-fed oysters can be sampled at the farm gate and star on the menus in many Batemans Bay restaurants.