Merimbula Lake

Merimbula Lake is a permanently open coastal lake on the NSW Far South Coast located 455km south of Sydney. Formed at the end of the last ice age, this tidal lake has a natural entrance and large marine delta that opens into the main basin.

Today, Merimbula is a tourist hub that boasts a lively wharf, lakeside boardwalks and eateries. The township is serviced by daily flights from Sydney and Melbourne. Oyster farming has long played an important role in the town’s economy. The lake’s award-winning oysters are famed for their excellent quality and flavour.

The flavour of Merimbula’s famed Rock Oysters mirrors the healthy ocean-fronting lake they are grown in. They tend to have a firm sweet creaminess with a salty quality, reflecting the lake’s flushing tidal flows. There can also be a hint of seaweed in the finish.  Rare Angasi oysters are also produced here.  These have a full taste typically milder in saltiness than the Sydney Rock oyster and is a rare treat normally sold in two grade sizes.