Pambula Lake

Pambula Lake, also known as Broadwater, is just south of Merimbula on the NSW Far South Coast. The lake has an open entrance in the lee of the Ben Boyd National Park, where there are plenty of tracks and secluded beaches to explore.

The Pambula River floodplain was a rich source of food for the Thaua people of the Yuin nation for many thousands of years. Fresh water flows down the Pambula and Yowaka Rivers and meets with incoming tides from the Pacific Ocean. This daily exchange creates the clean, clear waters of the lake – perfect for growing the finest Sydney Rock Oysters.

Oysters have been farmed here for over 100 years. Sydney Rock oysters from Pambula Lake have a smooth, subtle flavour, with earthy influences, echoing the pristine waters they thrive in. Local oyster farmers are committed to protecting the health of their estuary and conduct extensive water quality monitoring to ensure the highest quality product.