Wagonga Inlet

At the heart of Australia’s Oyster Coast lies the beautiful Wagonga Inlet, an ancient drowned river-valley located near the popular coastal township of Narooma (350km south of Sydney). Aptly, Narooma comes from an Aboriginal word meaning clear blue waters.

As a small catchment with low freshwater inflows and a good tidal exchange, the inlet is relatively saline. This accounts for the estuary’s wide range of marine life, extensive seagrass beds and fish nursery areas. Wagonga Inlet has long been home to extensive oyster leases located in the bays along its densely forested banks. Local Rock oysters are said to be fresh and salty. Full favoured native Angassi oysters have also been reintroduced.

Wagonga oysters grown by AOC farmers can be tasted at the farm gate and feature on the menu in leading Narooma restaurants. These delicacies take centre stage at the Narooma Oyster Festival – held every year in early May. Narooma has a bustling waterfront, with famed Montague Island and whale watching just offshore.