Australia’s most prestigious and authentic oyster company.

Australia’s Oyster Coast is an Australian company with its heart and soul in the oyster industry. We were formed in 2013 by leading oyster growers from eight estuaries south of Sydney, and now boast over 40 growers as shareholders and a strong management team of business professionals. We grow high quality oysters under rigorous environmental management systems in some of the world’s cleanest waters.

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Premium Australian oysters for the world’s finest outlets.

The growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast produce three premium oyster species for export to select partner outlets and restaurants across Asia:

The Sydney Rock Oyster – Australia’s prestige native oyster, sought by high-end restaurants the world over for its uniqueness and incredible taste.
The Angasi Oyster – the rare flat oyster of Australia – farmed exclusively for hand-picked outlets across Australia and Asia.
The Pacific Oyster – a worldwide favourite, grown under carefully managed environmental conditions to five different export sizes.


Year-round supply of oysters.

Australia’s Oyster Coast is able to source oysters from over 40 of our shareholder growers, who operate from eight estuaries south of Sydney. This enables us to supply high-quality oysters to the export market year-round.

Consistency of product quality – week in, week out.

Not only is Australia’s Oyster Coast able to export high-quality oysters all year, but we’re also able to ensure the oysters we deliver to outlets are of a consistent quality every week. We work to a comprehensive set of quality checks and audits which sees every shipment scrutinised for consistent size, shape and condition. You can rest assured that only the very best oysters which meet our rigorous standards make it onto the plane and into our customer outlets.

Live oyster deliveries from Australia’s Oyster Coast to the customer’s plate within 30 hours.

Australia’s Oyster Coast has developed a streamlined supply chain enabling us to deliver live oysters to Asia within 30 hours. It doesn’t get any fresher!

Oysters grown in Australia’s cleanest estuaries.

The oyster growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast operate in eight estuaries along a 300km stretch of coastline south of Sydney. The estuaries are surrounded by unspoiled wilderness and national parks, ensuring the oysters are grown in some of the cleanest waters in Australia. The end results are incredibly clean and fresh oysters which can be eaten straight out of the water!

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Oysters grown under internationally recognised environmental management systems

Australia’s Oyster Coast is the only region in the world where every oyster grower works under an internationally recognised environmental management system. Every estuary of Australia’s Oyster Coast has an ISO 14001-aligned environmental management system in place which all shareholder growers must abide by. These environmental management systems protect the estuaries and ensure they remain the cleanest in the world.

Access to oyster growers and their 100+ years of farming heritage

Restaurants and outlets in Asia that purchase their oysters from Australia’s Oyster Coast not only receive our high quality oysters. They also have access to the Australian men and women who grow the oysters – some of whom are members of families who’ve been harvesting oysters for over 100 years. Our customers receive complementary visits from farmers throughout the year, who can be utilised to promote the outlet’s partnership with Australia’s Oyster Coast. For example, a partner restaurant may wish to stage a ‘Meet the Oyster Grower Night’, where diners can sample premium Australia’s Oyster Coast oysters while talking with the growers and watching them shuck the oysters fresh to order.

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A partnership with Australia’s Oyster Coast

At Australia’s Oyster Coast, we believe the rarity and prestige quality of our oysters sets them apart from every other oyster in the world. For this reason we only sell our oysters through an extensive network of quality outlets and restaurants, and partner with them to ensure their involvement with us is marketed and promoted strongly. We want our partner outlets to benefit from their exclusivity, and we work hard to ensure everyone knows that our partners serve oysters from one of the world’s premium oyster companies.

Become a Partner of Australia’s Oyster Coast

Contact us today to discuss opportunities for partnering with Australia’s Oyster Coast and gaining access to Australia’s most prestigious oysters. Call us on +61 497 832 330, or email