Environmental sustainability is critical to the future of Australia’s Oyster Coast. Australia’s Oyster Coast oyster growers are committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards in the world in terms of the way their businesses operate and the quality of the surrounding environment.

There’s a big role the community can play in helping to maintain these high standards. Australia’s Oyster Coast visitors and locals all interact with the aquatic environments within which Australia’s Oyster Coast oysters are grown. For this reason, Australia’s Oyster Coast develops and deploys a number of education and awareness programs targeted at schools, recreational users of the estuary, and the general community.

What you can do to help oyster growers and the oyster industry

  • Sewage – do not pollute the estuary with sewage.
  • Go before you go – use the toilets provided. If you get caught short, dispose of all waste responsibly.
  • Boat wash – minimise boat wash on the estuary to prevent damage to oyster lease infrastructure and erosion of the bank.
  • Respect the wildlife – navigate the estuary with consideration for the wildlife.
  • Respect oyster leases – do not tie up to lease poles, touch farming infrastructure or the oysters. Penalties for oyster theft can be a $250,000+ fine or 6 months imprisonment.
  • Report theft or suspicious activity around oyster leases to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.