Taste the romance of the finest oysters from the purest Australian waters

Taste the romance of the finest oysters from the purest Australian waters

Australia’s Oyster Coast is an Australian company with its heart and soul in the oyster industry. We were formed in 2013 by leading oyster growers from eight estuaries south of Sydney, and now boast over 40 growers as shareholders and a strong management team of business professionals. We grow high quality oysters under rigorous environmental management systems in some of the world’s cleanest waters.

The growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast produce three premium oyster species for export to select partner outlets and restaurants across Asia: the Sydney Rock Oyster , the Angasi Oyster, and the Pacific Oyster.

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Australia’s Oyster Coast Oyster Trail

Experience Australia’s Oyster Coast first-hand by taking a tour along our Oyster Trail. Sample the world’s finest oysters fresh from the farm gate, dine at partner restaurants, participate in exciting partner activities like seaplane tours or kayak adventures.

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Latest News

Chairman’s Address to the Annual General Meeting, Narooma, 10 November 2017

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to welcome all shareholders – both growers and non-growers – to this third annual general meeting of Australia’s Oyster Coast Ltd…

Chairman’s Address to the 2016 Annual General Meeting

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Australia’s Oyster Coast Ltd held its Annual General Meeting today in Narooma.  Chairman, David Trebeck, announced the Board’s decision to enter into a joint venture with private investors to establish…